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Manager - Media



Marketing & Communications
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt · Cairo, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Company Description

We are the ROI Agency. We blend data, technology and brilliant specialists to scout out new opportunities, solve complex challenges and grow our clients’ businesses. Zenith is part of Publicis Media, one of four solution hubs within Publicis Groupe, and has offices within Publicis One. We have over 6000 brilliants specialists across 95 markets. We are experts in communications & media planning, content, performance marketing, value optimisation and data & analytics.

We believe in exploring new perspectives. Looking at things differently. Turning structure upside down, back to front and sideways. Excited by what we might find.

Job Description

Responsibility and Focus

Strategy plays a fundamental role in shaping creativity and innovation through the veins of our agency, as a strategist for your client account(s) you will be responsible for leading the quality of strategic thinking across the span of your remit. Armed with the understanding of your client's business. their vertical sector and their typical consumers and prospects, you will be tasked to create compelling and innovative strategic direction that enables your client's brands and products to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In close collaboration with various agency & account teams, the job the of strategist is to be the go-to thought leader for their given client businesses & sectors, translating creative and innovative thinking into the activation of memorable & award winning ad campaigns.

As a leading strategist you will serve as a key internal and external stakeholder, elevating the strategic capability throughout the agency, as well as representing the agency and it's strategic pedigree in various forums.

Main Tasks

Technical & Product

Up to date understanding of macro and micro consumer, technology, advertising and industry trends, with the ability to apply knowledge for strategy development.

In-depth knowledge of workings of media planning, channels and buying processes.

Experience working with various ad platforms & partners and insights tools.

Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret data and market research to identify trends.

Ability to articulate in the form of compelling story telling, delivered via in-person live presenter forums.

Business Acumen & Operational Efficiency

Strong project management skills and ability to prioritize multiple workstreams, meet demanding deadlines, and operate under pressure.

Clearly demonstratable business accumen and understanding of how brands win market share.

Proven ability to leverage expertise, experience and strong communication skills in order to influence key client stakeholders.

Ability to callaborate with internal and external stakeholders of varying backgrounds and degrees of seniority.

Excellent written, speaking and presentation skills.

Innovative & Analytical Mindset

Ability to think strategically & creatively, and to apply analytical reasoning to problem-solving.

Strong desire to help brands innovate in the way they connect with their consumers and prospects.

Proven ability to create/identify new opportunities and develop effective solutions.

Demonstratable ability to map success measurement criteria against strategic direction.

People & Leadership

  • Seeks others' feedback to develop self-awareness, strengths and address development area.
  • Is able to proactively raise issues to improve effective team working and collaboration.
  • Is able to communicate confidently in a clear, concise and articulate manner.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders and embraces an inclusive based environment.
  • Is able to make valuable contributions to discussions and brainstorming sessions, providing insight and point of view.
  • Able to build relationships quickly with others and engages personally with peers and clients.
  • Treats others with respect, listens to other perspectives, especially when they are different from own.
  • Able to tackle problems in a timely manner and develop contingency plans that focus on problem resolution.
  • Drives a culture of trust with Peers, clients and all other stakeholders.


  • Is able to take ownership for actions and deals with consequences in a mature manner.
  • Able to adjust performance based on experiences and feedback and showcases agility and flexibility.
  • Displays openness to the ideas of others and leverages them when beneficial for the business.
  • Showcases curiosity and open mindset towards new ways of doing things.
  • Is able to set high impact objectives and goes above and beyond to exceed performance.
  • Demonstrates the Growth Mindset and is able to take ownership of personal development and growth.
  • Capable of constructively challenging the status-quo and takes risks to challenge internal and external perspectives.
  • Approaches situations and individuals with honesty, integrity and humbleness.
  • Displays resilience and maintains drives and a positive outlook when faced with challenges.


Education and Experience Required

Bachelor's degree (or similar) in marketing, advertising, or a related field.

Minimum of 5-6+ years of experience in a strategic planning role, preferably within a media agency.

Experience in collaborating with multiple internal and external partners in achieving joint-goals.

Core Attributes

Analytical Thinking

Breaks down problems and issues into sub-components and then assesses the costs, benefits and risks of various options prior to selecting a particular approach.

Strategic Thinking

Can analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses and then combine these with knowledge of the industry, market and organization to develop long-term strategy.

Product Knowledge

Has a good understanding of product line features and benefits and uses that knowledge to optimize sales with each client. Understands the product market and uses this knowledge to increase personal credibility and product sales. Keeps abreast of competitors' activities and typically responds quickly to what the competition is doing.


Develops the steps necessary to accomplish long-term goals. Identifies long and short-term goals and establishes realistic plans to reach them. Allocates required resources, allows for contingencies and ensures that plans fit with the larger needs of the organization. Sets milestones to measure progress along the way.

Presentation Skills

Comes across as confident and well-prepared when making group presentations. Makes effective use of visual aids or presentation software and looks at ease while handling questions from the audience. His/her presentations hold the audience's attention and tend to be the right length for the amount of information covered.


Meets or exceeds productivity standards that have been established for his/her organizational level or position. Has successfully combined skills, ability and effort level to ensure that expectations related to results/output are achieved.


Is an effective team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback. Communicates in an open and candid manner and can be counted upon to fulfill any commitments made to others on the team.

Negotiation Skills

Demonstrates the ability to negotiate compromises that leave various stakeholders feeling that their interests and positions have been understood and that the resulting solution is even-handed and fair to all parties. Accomplishes this through listening to differing points of view and taking each view into account. Looks for common interests and helps parties explore and reach middle-ground solutions.

Interpersonal Skills

Shows genuine sensitivity to the needs, feelings and capabilities of other people. Deals with others in a pleasant manner. Treats others with respect and consideration.


Articulates a vision that others choose to follow. Models behaviors expected of others and inspires others to undertake challenging tasks and projects (leading by example).

Time management

Prioritizes tasks and manages time to ensure that deadlines are met. Plans his or her time and sticks to those plans. Prevents or manages interruptions until the highest priority tasks are accomplished. As well as, keeping a work / life balance in perspective.


Communicates effectively and appropriately. Uses good judgment as to what to communicate to whom as well as the best way to get that accomplished. Speaks in a clear and credible manner, selecting the right tone for the situation and audience. Listens to others and allows them to make their point.

Education and Self Development

Makes it a practice to take charge of self-development by soliciting feedback, setting priorities, and then acquiring or strengthening skills and knowledge through coursework or other methods.

Initiative (Employees)

Recognizes opportunities and initiates actions to capitalize on them. Looks for new and productive ways to make an impact. Demonstrates this characteristic when it comes to generating new ideas or processes, capitalizing on new business opportunities, seeking out and taking on increasing responsibility or resolving problems as they occur. Uses sound judgment about when to take action and when to seek guidance or permission. This is in contrast to those who fail to notice opportunities, wait to be asked or instructed before taking action, seldom offer new ideas or express reservations about taking on additional responsibilities.

Quality of Work (Employees)

Has established a track record of producing work that is highly accurate, demonstrates attention to detail and reflects well on the organization. Is personally committed to high quality work and encourages others to have similar standards.

Creativity (Employees)

Applies creativity and originality in the work setting, when appropriate. Suggests or applies new ways of addressing ongoing work issues and challenges. Sees possibilities that others have not yet seen, or combines ideas and approaches suggested by others in a unique manner that results in breakthroughs and improvements. Understands when to be creative and when to stick with what exists now.

Meeting Targets (Manager)

Meets or exceeds financial goals while selling an appropriate product mix. The product mix reflects both a broad knowledge of the product line as well as successful efforts to educate customers or prospects.

Entrepreneurial Orientation (Managers)

Takes an active role in identifying new business opportunities, assessing the risks involved and comparing these to the potential advantages of taking action. Influences decisions by examining financial costs and potential benefits and by providing realistic risk-assessments. This is in contrast to those who fail to look for new business opportunities or do an inadequate assessment of risks and benefits and/or either tend to avoid opportunities or embrace ventures that fail to produce the expected payback on the resources invested.

Encouraging Client Focus (Managers)

Consistently conveys that clients are the highest priority. Respects clients’ needs and expectations and lets clients know if their expectations cannot be met. Refrains from complaining about (or speaking negatively about) client behavior or expectations. Communicates in a manner that promotes and sustains client satisfaction and encourages others to do the same. Achieves these outcomes by ensuring that client needs and deadlines are realistic and that they are met. Publicly recognizes those who deliver excellent client services.