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Graphic Designer



Software Engineering, Design
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt · Cairo, NY, USA
Posted on Monday, March 25, 2024

Company Description

We help grow many of the world's most iconic brands at Leo Burnett. We help grow even more of the world's most talented people. You'll find at Leo Burnett an agency built on ideas and dependent upon the people behind them. A culture that doesn't just respect creativity but cherishes it. And a community where the path you choose is your own, the places you can go limitless.

Today, Leo Burnett is one of the most awarded creative networks in the world. We believe creativity has the power to transform human behavior, and we use ours to help our clients' brands discover their "human purpose" and play meaningful, active roles in people's lives.

Job Description

Responsibility and Focus

The graphic designer is responsible for creating visual designs for various mediums such as print, digital, and broadcast. They create designs that effectively communicate the message and goals of the campaign while also resonating with the target audience. This may include creating layouts, typography, illustrations, and infographics. Additionally, they may create and maintain design guidelines, oversee production and ensure that designs are technically and visually accurate, as well as ensuring that the designs are delivered on time.

The Graphic Designers collaborates with other members of the creative team, such as copywriters and art directors, while overseeing and mentoring junior designers.

Main Tasks

Technical & Product

The Designer is responsible for the conceptualising and designing of digital content across a variety of asset types. This role will partner closely with a dedicated Digital Content Strategist and collaborate with the media team to deliver high-quality agile digital content. This role will allow for ample autonomy to shape the various types of content that is served up to our multiple audiences. This Designer will be responsible for the development of all agile content and ensure timely and quality delivery of said content.

• Working independently on “design only” projects

• Producing websites and mobile apps based on wireframes

• Taking care of a project from the concept phase to the realization phase

• Collaborating with other super talented team members

Business Acumen & Operational Efficiency

• Designing and producing online content, including social media, display banners and art direct still/video shoots.

• Collaborating with media teams to ensure that all designs align with the brand image

• Ensuring consistency in designs and content across all company platforms.

• Reviewing product positioning and online marketing content to identify room for improvement

• Working with developers to oversee the smooth implementation of content

• Working from scamps or, on pure design-led projects, creating a range of cross-platform design work. Create designs that drive user acquisition and retention metrics across all channels

• Working collaboratively with Creatives, UX or Developers to deliver digital output of the highest quality and to brief

• Staying up to date with emerging digital trends and culture and using these to make recommendations to SC

• Articulating and presenting creative ideas/treatments


Education and Experience Required

• 2-5 years experience as a Graphic Designer

• Ability to design overall creative test assets incl. aesthetics, typography, color, brand, iconography, imagery, layout and concept sophistication (Owner of the brand’s VBL – Visual Brand Language/Design Guidelines)

• Work across asset types (static, video, animation); review existing content and identify how to pivot into “testable” assets

• Comfortable challenging content strategist and brand team and asking the right questions to push work forward

• Strong conceptual, composition, photo art direction and ideation skills – digitally native, understand what works in key digital platforms, yet able to think about the overall design and voice to break through anywhere

• Well-versed in best practices for various digital social media deliverables – video and display

• Detail-oriented – very diligent about keeping track of and properly naming files and versions based on the quick turn changes coming out of the daily check ins

• Digital portfolio that showcases a variety professional design projects. The ideal candidate will have digital, social, web, and motion.

• Hands-on experience with creative graphic production design software and image editing software (e.g., InDesign, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, After Effects)

• Basic knowledge of HTML and banner development

• Critical Thinking / using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to opportunities

• Ability to manage multiple creative projects

• Bachelors, BFA, degree preferred, majoring in art, graphic design, or advertising

• Experience working in an agency or in-house design department

• Have a good understanding of digital design

• An understanding of responsive design and how to get the most from design across all devices – mobile, website, apps

• Consistently design to a high standard with target audience in mind

• Keep abreast of current design trends and implement these into your own work

• Ensure that design ideas are communicated clearly (in writing and verbally) to colleagues and clients

Core Attributes

Analytical Thinking

Breaks down problems and issues into sub-components and then assesses the costs, benefits and risks of various options prior to selecting a particular approach.

Strategic Thinking

Can analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses and then combine these with knowledge of the industry, market and organization to develop long-term strategy.

Product Knowledge

Has a good understanding of product line features and benefits and uses that knowledge to optimize sales with each client. Understands the product market and uses this knowledge to increase personal credibility and product sales. Keeps abreast of competitors' activities and typically responds quickly to what the competition is doing.


Develops the steps necessary to accomplish long-term goals. Identifies long and short-term goals and establishes realistic plans to reach them. Allocates required resources, allows for contingencies and ensures that plans fit with the larger needs of the organization. Sets milestones to measure progress along the way.

Presentation Skills

Comes across as confident and well-prepared when making group presentations. Makes effective use of visual aids or presentation software and looks at ease while handling questions from the audience. His/her presentations hold the audience's attention and tend to be the right length for the amount of information covered.


Meets or exceeds productivity standards that have been established for his/her organizational level or position. Has successfully combined skills, ability and effort level to ensure that expectations related to results/output are achieved.


Is an effective team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback. Communicates in an open and candid manner and can be counted upon to fulfill any commitments made to others on the team.

Negotiation Skills

Demonstrates the ability to negotiate compromises that leave various stakeholders feeling that their interests and positions have been understood and that the resulting solution is even-handed and fair to all parties. Accomplishes this through listening to differing points of view and taking each view into account. Looks for common interests and helps parties explore and reach middle-ground solutions.

Interpersonal Skills

Shows genuine sensitivity to the needs, feelings and capabilities of other people. Deals with others in a pleasant manner. Treats others with respect and consideration.


Articulates a vision that others choose to follow. Models behaviors expected of others and inspires others to undertake challenging tasks and projects (leading by example).

Time management

Prioritizes tasks and manages time to ensure that deadlines are met. Plans his or her time and sticks to those plans. Prevents or manages interruptions until the highest priority tasks are accomplished. As well as, keeping a work / life balance in perspective.


Communicates effectively and appropriately. Uses good judgment as to what to communicate to whom as well as the best way to get that accomplished. Speaks in a clear and credible manner, selecting the right tone for the situation and audience. Listens to others and allows them to make their point.

Education and Self Development

Makes it a practice to take charge of self-development by soliciting feedback, setting priorities, and then acquiring or strengthening skills and knowledge through coursework or other methods.

Initiative (Employees)

Recognizes opportunities and initiates actions to capitalize on them. Looks for new and productive ways to make an impact. Demonstrates this characteristic when it comes to generating new ideas or processes, capitalizing on new business opportunities, seeking out and taking on increasing responsibility or resolving problems as they occur. Uses sound judgment about when to take action and when to seek guidance or permission. This is in contrast to those who fail to notice opportunities, wait to be asked or instructed before taking action, seldom offer new ideas or express reservations about taking on additional responsibilities.

Quality of Work (Employees)

Has established a track record of producing work that is highly accurate, demonstrates attention to detail and reflects well on the organization. Is personally committed to high quality work and encourages others to have similar standards.

Creativity (Employees)

Applies creativity and originality in the work setting, when appropriate. Suggests or applies new ways of addressing ongoing work issues and challenges. Sees possibilities that others have not yet seen, or combines ideas and approaches suggested by others in a unique manner that results in breakthroughs and improvements. Understands when to be creative and when to stick with what exists now.

Meeting Targets (Manager)

Meets or exceeds financial goals while selling an appropriate product mix. The product mix reflects both a broad knowledge of the product line as well as successful efforts to educate customers or prospects.

Entrepreneurial Orientation (Managers)

Takes an active role in identifying new business opportunities, assessing the risks involved and comparing these to the potential advantages of taking action. Influences decisions by examining financial costs and potential benefits and by providing realistic risk-assessments. This is in contrast to those who fail to look for new business opportunities or do an inadequate assessment of risks and benefits and/or either tend to avoid opportunities or embrace ventures that fail to produce the expected payback on the resources invested.

Encouraging Client Focus (Managers)

Consistently conveys that clients are the highest priority. Respects clients’ needs and expectations and lets clients know if their expectations cannot be met. Refrains from complaining about (or speaking negatively about) client behavior or expectations. Communicates in a manner that promotes and sustains client satisfaction and encourages others to do the same. Achieves these outcomes by ensuring that client needs and deadlines are realistic and that they are met. Publicly recognizes those who deliver excellent client services.