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Strategy Director



Minneapolis, MN, USA
Posted on Friday, March 29, 2024

Company Description

When Fallon opened its doors, it introduced itself to the world as "A new advertising agency for companies that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them." Over forty years later, media, culture, and even the definition of an ad has changed. But our commitment to outsmarting has never wavered. We've simply evolved and modernized it, whether that means creating multi-channel activations to drive billions of impressions (Arby's), breaking the internet with an iconic pop culture reunion (Mean Girls + Walmart), or helping beloved cable franchises reinvent themselves on streaming platforms (Comedy Central + Showtime).

Regardless of the content or the context, we have a steadfast belief in THE POWER OF CREATIVITY and its ability to create an unfair competitive advantage for those brave enough to unleash it. We make big work for big brands on big stages. And we care about the work as much as we care about the people making it. We function as one integrated brain with media experts who think like creatives who think like strategists who think like account people. And together, our mission is to fuel the forward trajectory of businesses and brands.

Job Description

We believe strategy is sexy. (Yeah, we said it.) Because great creative starts with great strategy. So our strategists are charged with giving their teams the plans, provocations, power, and permission they need to create envy-inducing ideas that become culture-breaking and business-changing realities.

In our experience, the best strategists are scientists as much as artists, fascinated by culture as well as commerce, and have a healthy dose of heart and humanity. Intellect is their calling card, but they also know how to inspire. They're highly creative, genuinely collaborative, insatiably curious creatures. And they love the maddening-yet-exhilarating pursuit of solving the most complex problems.

But above all else, they are committed to creating things that are as amazing as the people they are. And they show up, every single day, dead set on doing something REMARKABLE.

As a Strategy Director, you've proven your strategic acumen through various briefs, presentations, and probably plenty of spirited conversations. But now, we're asking you to put on a different hat and take on the role of a leader. That means leading the strategy and everything that goes with it, including setting a vision for a brand and overseeing every element of the process (from identifying an audience and ensuring the brief is clear/inspiring, to selling the work and managing measurement/evaluation).

But it also includes leading people, whether it's mentoring younger strategists or becoming the go-to strategic voice for your teams/clients. In partnership with the account and creative leads, you're responsible for the team—and its well-being. At Fallon, we want people to do the best work of their lives. And if that's what you want, we'd love to meet you.


  • FOCUS AREAS: Lead the business, both in terms of strategy (e.g., setting brand vision, overseeing the process) and people (e.g., mentorship, the well-being of the team).
  • KNOWLEDGE BASES: Become the go-to strategic voice for teams/clients. Be fluent in related disciplines and methodologies (e.g., data, media, comms strategy, research methodologies).
  • RESEARCH ROLE: Set vision/objectives. When appropriate, help conduct or develop research.
  • STRATEGIC OUTPUT: Ensure briefs/strategies are sharp, succinct, and inspiring.
  • CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP: Create a strategy for both getting to great work and selling it.
  • STRETCH GOALS: Innovate. Find new ways to use existing tools/methods/information.


  • Strategic analysis and ideation (includes teaching others)
  • Persuasive writing, storytelling, and presentation (includes teaching others)
  • Creative feedback and direction (includes teaching others)
  • Research development of individual projects and overall measurement/evaluation plans
  • Leadership and mentorship
  • Being open-minded and brave enough to take a risk, start over, or say "I need help"
  • Willingness to take ownership and/or accountability—and everything that goes with it
  • Maintaining poise and presence in big moments
  • Lifting up and motivating team members, knowing when to give space and when to stay close
  • Demonstrating as much EQ as IQ
  • Having integrity, being generous, and generally being a good human to be around